Is this a good program to run??

  [DELETED] 08:19 03 Oct 2007

I am chatting in E-Goat (RAF FORUM) and they are saying that a program called [email protected] is a good one to run as it works in the background and is for an American universiry click here is the thread link. I think it might be malware but am not sure - - any advise from you guys out there?

  [DELETED] 09:03 03 Oct 2007

Information on Folding at Home click here

Not malware but a scientific research programme based at Stanford University in the USA.

It's looking at how proteins fold or misfold and has a bearing on some forms of cancer and diseases such as Alzheimers.

It runs as a background service releasing your cpu from folding as soon as another program wants to run.

It is taxing on your system as it will run the cpu flat out all the time (although it is adjustable for how much cpu usage it is allowed)

Also have a look on the Folding forums click here

and see click here

  Rigga 09:17 03 Oct 2007

There is also, World Community Grid Project > click here < similar to the folding project, except they run more than one project at a time.

They currently have four projects running,

African Climate @ Home
Discovering Dengue Drugs - Together
Fight AIDS @ Home
Human Proteome Folding 2

Whichever you choose, either folding at Home or tht Grid project. Your spare CPU cycles will be appreciated.


  Andsome 09:24 03 Oct 2007

I ran it for some time, and eventually my HD packed up and needed a replacement. As has been said, the computer runs non stop 24/7. It's up to you.

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