Is this a good package?

  steve263000 04:47 02 Feb 2005

click here are offering a free package with 1.5 gb of Bandwidth, and 50 mb of disk space. Could somebody put this into context for me. Is this a fair size for a web space? Roughly how many pages could you put on that sort of size? A homepage style site, with some photos etc I would be thinking of. My own site click here has about 20 pages, mixed up with photos and text. I have been asked to make up a small site for someone else, and am looking for a site that is cheap or free.

  AndySD 05:40 02 Feb 2005

50 mb should give you a couple of hundred pages or so. The free packaage will contain adverts. You could try click here for cheap hosting.

  Talented Monkey 14:47 02 Feb 2005

Question:. How long is a piece of string? Answer: the same size as a web page.
Bandwidth in plain English is simply the amount of data that is transferred (downloaded) from server where your “WebPages” are kept, to the visitors computer. If you have a homepage, (index.hmtl or similar) that contains a few lines of text and images totalling 50kb then 10 visitors visiting that page will use up 500kb of bandwidth. One gigabyte of bandwidth equates to over a million kb, if you get 300 visitors a day everyday for a month with a 50kb webpage, you will only take up half a GB of monthly bandwidth, therefore you can see to use full quote of bandwidth will need an awful lot of visitors.

These days companies use bandwidth, web space email etc as a selling pitch, big numbers sound impressive, but no one ever really gets anywhere close to the amount offered, and therefore they can oversell with confidence. What you should be looking at is reliability easy of use, customer relationship, account features, like a decent control panel, if you get any preinstalled scripts ready to run, databases to run forum guest book etc. Do the hosting company have FrontPage extensions and so on.

For a small site like yours you will not need to break the bank for decent hosting, no more than £30 a year. Personally I would avoid free hosting, after all you already have free hosting with your BT account! My two favourite companies are webattention click here a few pound a year more than others, but I find support is second to none and webmania, click here

  Charence 20:02 02 Feb 2005

If Bravenet are offering such a service then why not use the one Tripod have? It's been free 50MB, (I think it's changed from unlimit to 1.5GB now) webspace inc. MySQL db, PHP, FrontPage Extensions. You may want to consider this if you dislike the banner advertisement on Bravenet. click here

50MB is quite a lot of space for most websites. It depends what files you use because you may wish to have images on your website which will use a lot of storage space.


  steve263000 13:22 02 May 2005

I have been going through my posts, and clearing them up. I have realised that there are more than a couple that I have not closed and thanked the respondants. So thanks to all that have answered in the past. I think it is more the case of forgetfulness than ignorance. Though some might not agree!

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