good or bad pc fixers

  holligan 12:12 12 Aug 2003

How best not to get ripped off getting pc fixed.Theres loads to pick from how would i know iam not getting a cowboy.I know nothing about comps.

  Lozzy 12:32 12 Aug 2003

Go to a reputable shop.. However there is still guarantee..

Whats your problem as there are many people here who will gladly help you

  Lozzy 12:33 12 Aug 2003

Where's your location? There might be some one here who can recommend

  holligan 14:40 12 Aug 2003


  DieSse 14:48 12 Aug 2003

Sorry - too far for me - unless you want to pay the air fare .......


  Djohn 14:58 12 Aug 2003

Think we have a few forum users in east Yorkhire. When they come on-line, maybe able to advise you!

  Djohn 15:04 12 Aug 2003

Meanwhile is there anything we can help with?

  Jester2K II 15:09 12 Aug 2003

I think this refers to his fan problem click here

  Djohn 15:11 12 Aug 2003

Thanks Jester2K II ;o)

  Djohn 15:18 12 Aug 2003

Is it help in fitting a new fan that you still require? if it is, then look at the fan, see if it is on top of a square piece of metal with a screw in each corner. If so then post back to this same thread, and one of the forum users will explain how to remove/replace. j.

  holligan 13:55 16 Aug 2003

tv cooler,was told its a old one and they are hard to get hold of.where can i get one? akhter make of comp.ta

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