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  tims31 12:04 24 Nov 2008

I have been asked to help set up a site for a local Church which is used as a source of information and also a place that they can download sermons. (Each one is about 5-8mb)

As they wish to be able to edit and add content themselves I thought Joomla would be the best for their needs. The long and short is I tried uploading what I had done to my hosting package to test it ( and couldn't get it on there. After reading around it appears that Streamline is very difficult (if not impossible) to get the Joomla package onto!

Can anyone please recommend a good and reasonable hosting package for this site. It would need to probably have a couple of gb of storage and maybe 1gb of traffic a month. They would also like to have email forwarding.

I have guessed around £5.00 a month but can anyone please recommend from experience.

I will also be leaving streamline now thanks to their lack of support to this.

Thanks in advance

  djbenny 14:43 24 Nov 2008

try click here $3.95 a month and can install joomla with 1 click!

  PC Advisor Fan 13:06 25 Nov 2008

click here and you can automaticlty install it

  Dragonfly2 14:26 25 Nov 2008

On another forum I read that "Google Sites" is good. Have a look at click here, it's a website for a church in Swansea. I don't know if it has what you're looking for.

  djbenny 09:26 26 Nov 2008

ok then a uk company based in london click here

hope this help has 1 click install too

  gerri-atrick 13:29 26 Nov 2008

I use 1 and 1 for all my drupal sites ......never had a problem or any downtime :) problem being u need a host that allows databases and php and the lowest on 1 and 1 is the bussiness package at £8.99 PM, but by adding adsense of affiliate adverts that covers the cost or even get a local business to sponsor the site - stay clear of the cheap hosts and always check before you sign up for a year u do get at least one database and php5.

Never tried joomla it any good ? when it came to the choice i chose drupal, would like to know if i made the correct choice ;)

  tims31 10:39 27 Nov 2008

Thanks for all that. I will have a look and see what seems the best. I would prefer a UK host just in case I run into any problems.

I am just getting into Joomla and as a CMS website it seems to be very good. There is a whole load of free templates for it to allow for customisation but will also be taking a look at how to change the default one once I get time. Installing it as well as XAMMP as a local server allows you to develop the site before publishing live.

  tims31 10:55 24 Sep 2010

Plus for anyone interested....I finally used e-noise for the site hosting and they have been excellent throughout.

  Forum Editor 00:29 25 Sep 2010

and for the green tick.

  Martin_y 10:23 19 Nov 2010

Oh, I wish I'd found this before I embarked on my failed quest to install Joomla with streamline. Streamline have a limit of 1 minute process time (sic), so you cant even unzip your Joomla package on their server.

I tried doing ftp of every folder and file, and I still had problems. So I made about 20 zip files, uploaded one by one, and unzipped one by one - still I couldnt get Joomla to work. I installed my database on my local pc and used a local server (Xampp), installed joomla, and everything works perfectly. I am pretty sure I am tied into them for a year, so I will just put up an html and redirect to my new hosting provider, I will try e-noise.

About 40 hours (and £72) wasted with streamline so far!

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