Good internet speed but bad when gaming online

  konstantin 17:51 30 Aug 2014

Hi, my internet speed is jumps around between 50-200 megabits/s when i stream large files or download. But when i play online games, they only use 5 megabits/s or less which makes it impossible to game without lag. My question is if there is a way too "force feed" a program/game with internet???

  Ian in Northampton 19:42 30 Aug 2014

I don't think so. At a guess, the limitation is in the game server. Given how many users it has to support, it's likely that there's a maximum speed it can sustain in terms of serving users. And, btw, it's perfectly possible to have an excellent gaming experience at the speed you're talking about - my son is an avid gamer, our line maxes out at around 6mbps, and he has no problem. You may be suffering from extended ping times, which is a different thing to transfer rate.

  konstantin 19:04 01 Sep 2014

Thanks a lot for replying, the problem could be in that i have an unstable connection to my router and that causes lag/disconnections. My ping is usually between 20-50 when playing bf3 but as you said i probably have extended ping times as i noticed my ping sometimes goes up to 500 ms.

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