Good Graphics Card?

  Silenced 21:43 26 Oct 2008

How good are these Graphics cards?

click here

click here

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Which is the best and who good are they overall?

  citadel 22:33 26 Oct 2008

ok if you do not want to play games.

  Silenced 22:36 26 Oct 2008

Hmmm, well I like to play games like call of duty 4. What graphics card would be good for as cheap as possible

  MAT ALAN 22:50 26 Oct 2008

8500 series, about as bad as it gets!!!

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sensible alternative in the link.

Upgrading your VGA card, there are other things to consider, Power consumption, for one, is your power supply man enough for the job...

  Silenced 22:54 26 Oct 2008

Oh ok MAT ALAN, I just saw it and I thought 1GB was good but I don't know about graphics cards much.

My PSU is 440 minimum.

  mrwoowoo 00:15 27 Oct 2008

I would go for this with the PSU you have.
It will play most modern games at medium settings and is a good price.
click here

  mrwoowoo 00:16 27 Oct 2008

Oh and read the reviews on the page about it.

  Silenced 10:35 27 Oct 2008

How good of a graphics card is this?

click here


click here

I guess the latter is the best of the two, but how good are they overall?

Plus since I need a new PSU I was wondering, how good is this?

click here

  Silenced 18:18 27 Oct 2008

Any help?

  I am Spartacus 18:27 27 Oct 2008

They're both the same specification just about except the 9800GT has 2 DVI ports instead of 1. An interesting marketing exercise by Nvidia, the same card rebadged to make it look more up to date. Still a good card though.

  Silenced 18:32 27 Oct 2008

Oh wow, I never realised that. That seems so stupid on nvidia's part.

Would there be a better option for a card around that price?

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