good fierwall please help

  1973scotty 10:59 07 May 2004

hi can anyone please recomend a good firewall to me please. i am thinking about taking out the tiscalia internet security pack for the. but is ther e a better way than the tiscali pack. can ny one tell me the name of a good free firwall. or recomend which is the best to pay up to 30 pound. I am already using AVG free edition anti-virus. please advise me.

  johnnyrocker 11:04 07 May 2004

zone alarm,panda,sygate, click here and check on securiy offers or indeed visit the downloads section on this site.


  christmascracker 11:05 07 May 2004
  expertec 11:06 07 May 2004

I always reccomend Sygate, it's free, very good, never had any problems. click here

  RevHed 13:22 07 May 2004

click here they have a Firewall and Full AVG7 bundle offer.

  dagwoood 13:47 07 May 2004

You could try Kerio personal firewall. This is free for home users

click here

  Stuartli 13:52 07 May 2004

The free version of ZoneAlarm has served me well through thick and thin (updated every few months or so) for several years.

  hector 911 13:56 07 May 2004

if you want to pay for a firwall Outpost Pro2.0 from agnitum is the one to buy doesn't use up a lot of pc resources, that is memory while running.

you can configure to prompt for ActiveX and other active content. Cookies which are often installed through e-mails can also be blocked, I only found this out after using this Firewall

  dagwoood 14:00 07 May 2004

Meant to add, after you've installed and configured your firewall, it's a good idea to run some port scan tests. These will show if you have any ports exposed.

I recently installed Kerio and thought I'd configured it correctly but when I ran the port scan tests I found out I hadn't configured it correctly as I still had some ports showing as open. Try the below link and run the tests

click here

Can also test on the Symantec site

click here

  GaT7 23:07 09 May 2004

You may be interested in these recent Firewall Group tests:

Free Firewall Software: click here

Paid for (you can try before you buy with some): click here=

  spuds 23:10 09 May 2004

A selection here, under firewalls click here

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