good but fairly cheap web design

  The GnoMe 15:46 06 Jan 2006

HI all i am looking for a webdesigner to design a website for my fathers firm of solicitors, i did design a site for him but as the company is doing much better and growing everyday he has tasked me to get one proffesionally made, to certain specs. we already have the domain name and serverspace.
i would just like to know if anyone knows of any company individual that would be up to the job.
we only want a couple of pages and an enquiry form but done to a high standard.

many thanks


  Taran 15:57 06 Jan 2006

Try the UKWDA at click here - note, I am not recommending either the UKWDA or its membership, but they are a reasonable place to start searching for web designers in your area.

Have a look through your local Yellow Pages too.

Ask anyone you know in business if they are happy with their designer - if they are get contact details.

Contact your local branch of Business Link click here - they can put you in touch with people in your area who can advise on and offer web development services.

Ask in this forum if you have any specific questions or difficulties and I wish you every success with it.


  Taran 16:01 06 Jan 2006

Further to my somewhat blunt statement on the UKWDA:

As a resource the UKWDA can be useful to draw upon.

I personally am not a member, nor am I particularly interested in becoming one, but I know a lot of good designers who are. Unfortunately I also know of a lot who aren't and almost every time I look at the UKWDA site I find a lot of links to sites that could best be described as questionable, which is why I said I was not directly recommending them or their members. I can get nto enough trouble without being seen to endorse an organisation or its membership...

I tend to treat the UKWDA as a web specific Yellow Pages.

Others may have a different opinion to me, which is their right, but if you treat it as a resource it can serve its purpose well.

  Taran 16:03 06 Jan 2006

Why not give us a link to the existing site ?

You could well find that a nip and tuck is all that is required to bring things up to speed.

  ade.h 17:04 23 Jan 2006

If you are an amateur who is volunteering to help; probably nothing at all wrong with that. If you are commercial/professional, that's not allowed. We have to avoid recommending businesses with which we have any connection, though that would not stop you from posting such a site for a critique.

  jeff21up 17:59 23 Jan 2006

Thanks for reply, no i am not a commercial webdesigner. Yes I would volunteer, just my way of putting back lots of help I have had from people on the internet.
I post my own "amateur" work for critique
click here

  Forum Editor 18:01 23 Jan 2006

for your father, and I seem to remember that I thought it was pretty good at the time. Why can't you take it a stage further yourself? We would all rally round to help and advise.

  The GnoMe 18:49 23 Jan 2006

hi all, well yeah i built the site with all you guys helping me, but i needed to change the colours etc etc as his firm is doing so much better now and expanding alot, also i lost the old site and the back up was corrupt so i had to design it again, click here to see what you think, i still need some images etc etc but i would like to make it so much better but dont know how.


  mco 19:55 23 Jan 2006

that I know others will post more technical suggestions but the first thing that struck me was its simplicity - and that is good. I liked your first lines about sometime in your life you might need a solicitor etc - it drew me to the site. It is 'clean' (yes, I know that's partly cos it needs filling up with some images, but what I mean is, it's not overcrowded. It's like that thing on the telly; it does what it says on the tin, so to speak.) There are a few spelling errors/typos, and I think you should go for a smaller size font maybe, but don't lose the simplicity.

  mco 19:58 23 Jan 2006

just one thing: viewing it as I am on 800x600 (I think!) I don't feel very good about being told 'best viewed at 1024x768. Could you not fit it all in a bit smaller then it would work for whatever size?

  PurplePenny 20:03 23 Jan 2006

A couple of friends have just had sites created for them by professionals; one paid £300 for a 3 page site, the other £500 for a few more pages. Both sites are perfectly good but neither of them are any better than your dad's site.

I too remember when you were creating it and I'm sure that we can help you to re-create it.

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