A good effort indeed

  Forum Editor 19:50 11 Jun 2003

but you asked for comments, so:-

1. You're asking people to contact you, and your form asks for personal information but you have no privacy policy statement on the site. This is essential, and I suggest that you include a separate page (titled - 'privacy') on which you clearly state how you will protect the personal information that's provided, how you will not pass it to a third party without prior consent, and how an individual may request that his/her data be deleted from your records. Place a hyperlink to the page on the 'Contact us' page, at the top of the form, with the words: 'Before completing the form please read our privacy policy'. Make the words 'privacy policy' into a link to the privacy page.

2. The site is a little short on content. Might I suggest that you include some more images - and perhaps some FAQ's. These are very popular on legal sites, and provide you with an opportunity to publicise your services more fully.

3. A legal site would tend to have more gravitas if it wasn't hosted in free webspace with banner ads. Have you considered buying a domain name and hosting the site in 'proper' server space? It isn't as expensive as you might think.

4. In several instances the font changes - the site will look better if you stick to one font throughout. The headers look good, and perhaps you could consider using Verdana everywhere else.

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