A good dusting - problems solved!

  watchful 19:46 23 May 2003

Just wanted to share this with any other newish users. I've had my computer for about 15 months and never really looked around the back. Just flicked a duster over the parts I can see and cleaned the screen.

Today the printer wasn't recognised, or the scanner or my digital camera. Fearing the worst I looked around the back to check all the plugs were in place and noticed the grill at the back was absolutely covered in fluff.

Cleaned it off, took the side off (after taking plugs out of course) and gave everything a light dusting with a soft brush.

Switched everything back on and it all worked a treat. Quieter too.

I almost sent out for an engineer but didn't need one after all.

  Legolas 20:11 23 May 2003

Good idea watchful, the only thing to watch out for is that the brush you use is not made of nylon as this can build up quite a charge of static and can consequently damage some of the m/b components. The safest way is to buy a can of compressed air and clean the inside with that.

  watchful 22:15 23 May 2003

Thanks for that tip. I'll try that next time.

It just goes to show how some things can be so easily fixed.

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