Good desktop publisher

  [DELETED] 10:34 28 Aug 2003

I urgently need to get a good but simple desktop publisher, able to super-impose photos and line drawings with maps and text. Nothing too complex to operate as have not used one before. Anybody any suggestions of software please.

  [DELETED] 10:48 28 Aug 2003

Serif do some very attractively priced software and their DTP offering has some quite remarkable features. It can do most tricks that you might like a DTP package to do and is easy to use, but obviously it is a far cry from InDesign or Quark.

click here to visit their site and look for the PagePlus product.

You can get older version of Serif software either free for download or on magazine cover CDs.

After that, you start looking to some of the bigger brothers in DTP which all command a price penalty.

I seem to remember a product called Greestreet Publisher which was (a couple of years ago) remarkably powerful and quite inexpensive, but I've not seen it now for some time and have no idea if it is still available.



  [DELETED] 11:08 28 Aug 2003

PagePlus 5 is currently available on a couple of cover discs. Check your local W H Smith.

  Belatucadrus 13:48 28 Aug 2003

Desktop publishing :- Pageplus5 click here Ragtime solo click here

  [DELETED] 14:03 28 Aug 2003

If you require an instant solution without d/l's etc you could use a combination of HTML authoring software such as frontpage setting one image as a background with no repeat, then placing the second image in a table. Once both images are aligned to suit simply hit your print screen button & paste into a suitable grpahics program. Paint, MS Photo Editor etc!!

Just a suggestion

  [DELETED] 15:33 28 Aug 2003

Following on from my previous posting, I have just bought the mag Windows XP Answers. Has a full version of PagePlus 5 on the CD, plus a lot of other Serif programs. DrawPlus, PhotoPlus etc.
All older versions, but worth having.

  [DELETED] 16:23 28 Aug 2003

And be prepared for it to seem very complicated at first. DTP is a complex business, but when you're used to whatever software you choose it's as easy as anything else.
If you were planning to buy today & produce your magazine tomorrow, I'd ask for a longer deadline!

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