Is this a good deal for a base system?

  starslayer 19:01 22 Jan 2003
  starslayer 19:01 22 Jan 2003

So here's the crux of things. I need opinions. Bear in mind I'm after only the base unit as I have everything else. The one I'm looking at uses an Athlon Xp 2000+, Asus A7v333 Mobo, 512 mb of DDR RAM (PC2700), 40gb HDD (5400 RPM), Radeon 9000 64mb DDR with TV out Graphics, Audigy Soundcard, 3.5" floppy, no CD Drive (got one I can reuse) and 1 year's On-site warranty, parts and labour. Priced at £511 after VAT but before P+P. In my naivety this looks a good bet to me. Am I horribly wrong? It's just that I've found nowhere else who'll let you customise everything, even down to removing the mouse. Or is it too cheap to be true? The company's based in Birmingham, advertises in the major mags and seems to have been around for some time. Help would be met with extreme gratitude.

  duplo 19:06 22 Jan 2003

If your palling to 'add' bits since your looking for base system check the warranty as some may be invalidated by opening the case!

Would be cheeper be build you own.

  Forum Editor 19:07 22 Jan 2003

looks OK - and the price seems fine. You always buy at your own risk, but this machine looks like value for money.

  special sophie 19:35 22 Jan 2003

£354 for exactly the same spec if you built it yourself

  special sophie 19:38 22 Jan 2003

sorry my mistake £370 I've just ran a quote off there are many site online that will tell you how to build it so why not go for it yourself

  starslayer 20:05 22 Jan 2003

Cheapskate, I don't understand. What's a multivision? And if it isn't a good deal what smells fishy about it?
Special, I just wouldn't trust myself right now; I don't have the technical proficiency yet. Maybe the next one, but thanks for the suggestion.

  special sophie 20:06 22 Jan 2003

yeah I agree you would be better off buying the parts for ebuyer you will still have 12 months warranty on all your parts just no labour. If you don't fancy building it yourself see how much a local firm would charge you to put it together.

  special sophie 20:12 22 Jan 2003

There is very little technical proficiency required to build a PC slayer with the right guide its quite possible for someone who has never seen the inside of a PC before to build one in a matter of hours. It's almost like lego buy your parts from an internet based buisness like ebuyer or whoever you choose because you will get far better value for money than a local firm

  special sophie 20:19 22 Jan 2003

read through this click here

  special sophie 20:23 22 Jan 2003

And this click here

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