Good BroadBand Speeds but Poor Ping results!

  RISC OS user 12:44 14 Dec 2012

I have asked my ISP about slow web pages and poor ping results they have advised the the ping results are ok, but the time for the first hop between the PC and my Routes is where the worst of the time delay occurs, and have advised that I look at my Anti-Virus and Firewall programmes as they may be the reason for the delays. I am using ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus and Firewall (the all in one programme) Spybot and Spyware Blaster, also DoNotTrackMe and Rapport in Firefox. The OS is Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 bit. The PC seems to be slowing down in general, I have run cclean and this has found many problems with the Resgister and cleared them out. Does anyone have some ideas for checking programmes which may slow the ping times. My Broadband speed is averaging 5200mbps which is very good! So some thing must be causing the problems, but what?

  difarn 13:25 14 Dec 2012

I would suggest that you try another Anti-virus (perhaps microsoft security essentials or AVG free) and disable spybot, spyware blaster, do not track me and rapport and see if there is any change. Is your pc wireless or wired? If wireless have you made sure that your wireless adapter driver is up to date?

  RISC OS user 21:55 14 Dec 2012

I am using a wired LAN, and will try the other suggestions, thanks

  spuds 22:53 14 Dec 2012

How are you checking for Ping, because some ISP's will ask you to do a precise test that can trace the faults and hold-ups. With my ISP, the results are then sent direct to their engineer base.

  onthelimit1 08:39 04 Jan 2013

I've had no end of problems with Rapport, so would ditch that and see if any improvement.

  onthelimit1 08:41 04 Jan 2013

P.S. Tried googlegirl's link - no problem, and gave similar results to

  onthelimit1 10:54 05 Jan 2013


Sorry - meant

  lotvic 14:57 05 Jan 2013

I'm a bit wary of as on Whois I get this info:

We have 12 historical records for The oldest record dates back more than 1 year. There are at least 6 significant changes. None of the records publish domain name ownership data; they all use a privacy or proxy service.

  Batch 12:00 06 Jan 2013

I found I get different ping test results depending on which of my routers I use.

Using the ping test that was at (the ping test seems to have been taken off the site now), both of my 3com routers would fail the ping test. Whereas the Thomson TG585 (suuplied by my ISP) would pass the test with flying colours. In spite of that I use one of the 3com routers as, in practice, it seems to work fine and I prefer the flexibility that the 3com routers give in terms of set-up and security.

  Batch 12:31 06 Jan 2013

PCA site really excelling today. Now my postings are showing as anonymous (the above has no poster name on it [at the moment], will this one?


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