A good app for trebble and bass for sound

  jcotton 21:04 01 Sep 2005

Hey all i am looking for an appliction that allows me to change the trebble and bass of the sound and if possible able 2 add affects to it such as echo eg

  Stuartli 21:31 01 Sep 2005

What about your sound card's drivers and software for a start?

  jcotton 08:27 02 Sep 2005

yea but if I put on the creative Live! driver which comes with surround sound mixer 1.0 (which is the application i want)it does weird stuff to my system.

1) It loses all my network connections - no idea why

2) It makes un-related software no longer work

  Stuartli 10:29 02 Sep 2005

If you have XP (may well be the same for earlier versions) you can alter bass and treble levels from Sound Properties and also in, for instance, Windows Media Player which also has a graphics equaliser (View>Enhancements).

  gudgulf 13:06 02 Sep 2005

If you are using a SoundBlaster pci card try taking it out of the pc and putting it back in a different pci slot.

That will get rid of any conflicts with other devices and you might find that it works properly with the full Creative driver set.

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