Golive vs. Dreamweaver

  splatter 22:27 04 Jul 2006

I'm sure this has been dicussed before but:

With Adobe becoming more evident than macromedia after their takeover (even macromedia.com now redirects to adobe.com) what will become of macromedia software? In particular I am thinking about goLive (adobe) and dreamweaver (macromedia)?

I have used Dreamweaver since I got into web-design with DW4 education version in college, but have never used golive. Dreamweaver is obviously a very popular product and if adobe where to stop developing it it would mean the thousands (hundred of thousands?) of developers out there would need to learn a new product from the ground up! Or, nearly from the ground up, as I am sure that if they were to drop dreamweaver in favour of golive that they would 'merge' a lot of dreamweavers features.

So what are your views on this?

  ade.h 14:09 01 Sep 2006


Let's ignore the annoying little link-posting interloper who needs to grow up (and will soon get erased from our threads, no doubt).

I have always expected that, due to DW's ubiquitousness, Adobe would eventually quietly drop GoLive. It will probably drop the Macromedia name in due course as well, but keep all its product names to maintain recognition.

  splatter 14:56 01 Sep 2006

If Adobe do drop goLive and keep Dreamweaver in development, it still means that alot of dev's are eventually going to have to learn Dreamweaver.
I know people are going to be unhappy, and some happy which ever way it swings, so lets wait and see.

AS for our "annoying little link-posting interloper who needs to grow up" I'm sure your right. Can FE remove a single reply in a thread?

  ade.h 15:24 01 Sep 2006

Yes, he can and does, but he's a got a lot to remove when he gets in!

And you're right; whichever way it goes, some users will be unhappy. But they won't necessarily have to migrate, at least not for a while. I don't know when GoLive last had an update, but I would guess that it's not too shabby right now. DW's bigger market share and higher profile will swing it I think.

  splatter 16:48 01 Sep 2006

I really hope DW is "the winner" I've used it since college (when we're stuck with DW4 Education version).

I have played with goLive just once and I couldn't get into...but that's probably due to the fact that I was unfamiliar with it.

As for FE's job, after posting that last reply I discovered the thread in the main help forum about Giants posts; seems they are everywhere!

  Forum Editor 13:02 02 Sep 2006

Not any longer, although it took a while to track all of them down. There may still be a few that have escaped our notice, but in the main we've cleared them.

On with the show.

  splatter 14:02 02 Sep 2006

Buy that man a pint!

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