Goldchip on M/board wirh SIS 530 on it, & it also

  Giggle n' Bits 01:09 21 May 2003

has in small print "PC100". Is this the make of a motherboard manufacuter ?.

Trying to find a Modem driver which isn't in a PCI, ISA or ANR/CNR slot but a pin socket fitting.

There is a chip on the Motherboard that says HSP56
Then its got SMI8738 PCI-SX HRTF Audio COM.

Is this a Modem Chipset related and Audio chip in one and and controls this small modem thing.

Reff my Daewoo Question for support the Jazzypop link for Daewoo in uk had no Drivers or support just warrenty info and selling.

I also know its a SiS 530 chipset or SiS 5595

anyone point me in the right direction for a driver for the modem please.

  DieSse 01:40 21 May 2003

I had one like this, in a Daewoo (clients) - PCI modems are so cheap, it's simpler to junk it and fit a regular modem.

  muppetmark 08:06 21 May 2003

It could be a pc chips mobo they do mark their boards with numbers like that.

you may find some assistance click here

unfortunately cannot seem to find a pc chips site up at present ?

try Aida from click here to identify the model of mobo

  Giggle n' Bits 10:24 21 May 2003

the chip near the plug in modem has a chip near it on M/Board which has HSP56 & CMI8738 both on the same chip.

Anyone know of a PC Tel site please?.

  muppetmark 18:11 21 May 2003

some links and tips click here

  hugh-265156 18:30 21 May 2003

SMI8738 is audio
chipset click here

sis5595 is the ide driver

pctel hsp56 is the modem click here

  hugh-265156 18:32 21 May 2003

oops! top link for chipset not audio sorry.

  Giggle n' Bits 21:30 21 May 2003

Audio is CMI8738 PCI-SX
VGA is Sis 5539 driver

And the hardest to find was as PC Chips website & not click here but click here !

The Modem is a Module 56K horrible desing idea but it works ok.

So thanks for all the above people for links and support !.

Acthung Baby!

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