Going Wireless, what security are need

  skan 18:36 10 Dec 2006


I have decide to set up wireless network at home.
I am on Telewest broadband & they supplied a Modem. I decided to buy the Linksys WRT 54GS router,the USB network adapter WUSB54GS and Wireless printserver WPS54GU2.
With wireless on the laptop and if necessary use the WPC54GS.

Now if I am to install all these myself, I am a bit of a complete Novice to IT and not very good at all these jargon too. Please provide step by step guidance.

(Q1) Could anyone advice what else do I have to look out for or prepare before embarking on this exercise?

(Q2) What security system I should have to ensure that my computer and system is not being at risk?

(Q3) Could you provide step by step guidance to prepare & install?

(Q4) There are so many talk out there of unsafe/unsecure wireless system and there are so many antivirus software too but which one and what to protect my system?


  VoG II 20:50 10 Dec 2006

I'm not an expert in this but basically all of your questions on set-up should be answered in the documentation that comes with the hardware that you are planning to buy.

Regarding security, you will need to secure your network using e.g a WEP key - the documentation will explain this.

Which anti-virus do you have currently?

  rodriguez 22:51 10 Dec 2006

My set up is similar, but not identical to yours (I plugged my wireless router into an ADSL modem instead of cable, but it should work similar) - also the process was pretty much automatic. Also my router is different to yours, but the configuration process should be similar.

Firstly, your modem will need an Ethernet port - it looks like this, click here. This is because the Telewest cable modem will have to supply the Internet connection to the wireless router. You'll need to connect them together with an Ethernet cable (click here, they might have supplied one with the wireless router. Plug one end into the cable modem and the other into the 1st Ethernet port on the router and switch them both on. The cable modem should connect to the Internet as normal, and the wireless router should get the connection from the cable modem. The WLAN light should light up to indicate that the wireless connection is active. Next, install the drivers that came with the USB stick on the computer you're going to connect wirelessly and plug the stick in. It should then pick up the wireless network and connect to it. When you have a wireless connection working, you need to turn the encryption on. click here to open your router's config page and go onto Wireless. You should then have some security options where you can set up WEP protection. Let it generate a key and write the key down. Save the settings and close the page. Now go back to the computer you connected to wirelessly and get it to reconnect. It should then ask for the WEP key, so put it in and it should then connect as it did before.

  rodriguez 22:53 10 Dec 2006

Your router will ask for a username and password, on yours the username is left blank and the password is admin by default.

  Strawballs 22:28 12 Dec 2006

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