Going Wireless

  Blitzer 12:48 16 May 2006


I'm considering updating my home network to give me wireless access but could do with some advice as to what equipment I need and info with regards to security.


I have NTL broadband via the supplied Broadband modem which is connected to my Win98(se) based machine. This PC is used for run of the mill stuff such as internet use and word processing.

I have ICS set-up on the Win98 machine so that my Home XP machine (used for gaming and graphics editing) which is networked with the Win98 machine can also get internet access, albeit with the need to have the Win98 machine switched on. The XP machine also has my printer connected to it so obviously I need to have both machines on again to use the printer from the 98 machine.

The current set-up works fine but can be a bit of a pain at times because of the need to have both machines on for certain tasks. I also have a Sony PSP and Xbox 360 which could also make use of the internet if I were to create a wireless network.

There would be no need for the two PC's to be wireless so I guess ideally I want a router that will allow me to connect both PC's to it via a cable and the PSP and Xbox 360 wirelessly? I'd also want to have the printer connected to the router to allow me to use it from either PC. The question therefoire being, is 1. is this possible and 2. what should I be looking for equipment wise?

Many thanks in advance for any help. :)

  ade.h 16:59 16 May 2006

Do the games consoles support WPA 2? Or just WPA? (I am hoping for your sake that they support some form of of WPA, as WEP is like Swiss cheese in comparison).

I would suggest a router with a USB port to allow the printer to be networked without an external print server/adapter. My 7632 has this, though the more recent 7633 has inexplicably dropped it, judging by the manual.

Virtually all routers have four RJ45 ports.

You say that you have NTL broadband; I have heard that NTL offers ADSL in addition to its cable service, so rather than assume that you are a cable customer, could you confirm either way please? It dictates what form of router you require.

Could you also confirm exactly what network adapters - Ethernet or WLAN - that your clients currently have?

  ade.h 17:54 24 May 2006

A reply would be useful.....

  Blitzer 19:48 24 May 2006


Sorry been a bit busy with other things and not had chance to really look at anything yet with regards to spec - did not realise it would be quite so involved.

>I would suggest a router with a USB port to allow the printer to be networked without an external print server/adapter.

I was hoping that would be possible.

NTL broadband service is definitely cable.

Ethernet, but need to dig out manuals etc for exact spec.

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