On going dispute with ISP

  Chrissib 11:30 04 Jan 2010

I am looking for some experts out there to tell me what I can do about my chronic lack of bandwidth from my ISP.

My router always says it's connected at 3 Mb but only rarely get this in actual usable bandwidth. Normally throughout the day and sometime on weekends I get little more than a few Kb, less than a dial up modem, when testing on the ISP speedtester website.

Now I know all about distance from the exchange, and fair usage and all that, but I expect a bigger proportion of the 'up to 8Mb' speed I am paying for, instead of an unusable 'scraps' that I am getting in reality. On a good day I can receive 3Mb, so my reasoning suggests that if my home setup, router, cabling, filters etc, CAN receive 3Mb at all, then I can't see it being a fault on my side.

I have been testing from multiple routers, changed filters, tested from the BT first point in the house for 5 months now, and have a running record of tests that amount to hundreds. I have sent in complaints, and gone to highest level, but still nothing improves. Throughout testing, Upstream has remained constant throughout, at around 1/2Mb.

The only way I can recover some bandwidth is to reboot whichever router I am using to get the service to renegotiate. The ISP (Talktalk), has sent round BT engineers twice, both times they said they had fixed a fault, but still nothing has changed. The ISP arranged for a 'lift and shift' in the exchange, to move equipment, and still this did not improve. They have tried several signal profiles, again with no resolution.

I am lost at to what to do next. So frustrating not getting what I am paying for. I have all the tests, and for what, they dont seem to do anything.

My personal view is that it is contention, as it gets worse at busier times, but still all the ISP does is say they will send an engineer, with the threat to charge if they dont find a problem.

At my wits end, can anyone suggest something.

Regards Chris

  Graphicool1 13:43 04 Jan 2010

I'm on 1MB, that's the best I can get in my area. However, I have 'NO' complaints. I can do what I want and it is as fast as I need.

I'm online for approx 9hrs every day. I buy online, do my banking online, surf, download humongous amounts of software and play games all online. I'm on the lowest monthly tarrif.

If you can't get what you are paying for. Then down grade to 1MB and be like me. Pay less and be happy.

  Chrissib 14:38 04 Jan 2010

here's a thing, I don't get even half of what you are getting... as I said, I don't even get I/2 a Kb, when I should be getting far more. I'm not complaining about a slow connection, there is no connection.

Any constructive responses would be appreciated.

  Clapton is God 14:55 04 Jan 2010

How far are you from your local exchange?

What are the contention ratios like in your area?

Have you used an online speed tester to establish the true speeds you're getting?

  Poitier 15:08 04 Jan 2010

A good place to find expert advice on the subject is click here

  Chrissib 14:59 05 Jan 2010

hi thanks for your response.

I am around 2 1/2 miles from the exchange. I have done hundreds of speedtests in the last five months, and recorded them. Most are a fraction of 1Mb and most do not even register, although the router says it's connected at 3Mb or more.

I dont know what the contention ratio is in my area, but I should get some bandwidth.

  Chrissib 15:14 05 Jan 2010

Thanks Poitier, some good information on your link. It seems I am not the only one having problems, and hitting brick walls trying to resolve it. I guess the ISP's are all as bad as each other.... how do they get away with it?

It's like selling something that doesn't work, to shmucks like me, all over the Country..

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