Going to be getting a new pc, advise needed.

  Ripebear 01:14 01 Aug 2011

I got my last PC about 3 years ago and It's started to feel a little dated.

I am going to be spending 700-1000 on a new rig, give or take if It will really make a difference.

I know to avoid sites like Alienware and PCworld. I haven't bothered with PC stuff for a while but looking around PCspecialist looked fairly cheap and workable. Any ideas which site I should use to make my own PC? I can't make it myself physically, I would need to use a website who make and deliver.

Also what kind of hardware do I want? I'm totally lost with all this stuff between I3 and I5 and I7 processors, even the graphics cards I don't know where I stand so some help would be greatly appreciated. Even if someone could tell me what I need in a decent rig and show me a website I can build it, or build me one that's decent. It will be a few months yet so things will obviously change hardware or price wise, so I just want a start.

Thanks and sorry for long text.

  gengiscant 07:16 01 Aug 2011

Still not enough information, what will be the main use of your PC? are you a gamer, video editor? Give us a clue so that we can suggest a more informed spec.

Other PC builders.





  Ripebear 12:49 01 Aug 2011

Hey sorry. Yes I'm a gamer.

  northumbria61 13:06 01 Aug 2011

www.chillblast.com - plenty to look at here with great specifications link text

  gengiscant 15:36 01 Aug 2011

You also do not mention if you will be needing a monitor,keyboard,mouse or operating system, as these will all need to be factored in which means less cash for the PC.

  Ripebear 17:03 01 Aug 2011

Would need an OS. So yeah Windows 7 to go with it. Otherwise that's it, got a pretty good 22inch samsung HD monitor and I can upgrade keyboard and mouse at a later time. Unless of course I can get a keyboard and mouse cheaper with a package. Otherwise just the OS.

  Ripebear 17:12 01 Aug 2011

Also wanted to post my current PC specs, maybe I could save some money by upgrading it, but I doubt it as the Processor is old.

I am definitely upgrading the OS whatever I do. So XP > Windows 7. CPU - Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 @3.00 GHZ (2 CPU) Memory - 2046MB RAM Graphics - ATI Radeon HD 4780 1024MB

Just incase anyone thinks there's a point in upgrading, rather than buying a whole new system.

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