Goback or Windows XP Restore ?

  ray27 19:44 07 Jun 2003

Windows XP Home OS

Recently the restore function would not restore to any point.

This was due to a faulty hard drive which has now been replaced.

When I was trying to find a solution to this I read that a programme in Norton System Works 2003 called Goback was better than Windows restore, I’m sure I read this in PCA.
I have now got Norton System Works but I am a bit hesitant to install Goback in case there is a conflict.

Should I install it or rely on Windows restore?

Any advise please

  Philip2 19:52 07 Jun 2003

Never worked for me caused a conflict on ME and XP but worked ok using W98.

  Morpheus© 21:36 07 Jun 2003

i could not get on with the restore system on my XP laptop, so i put in Go-back, the XP one never seemed to make any resore points, so before doing anything i would put them in,only had to forget and the whole lot went down the kermit, so in went Go-back..which i also use on the win98PC...problem solved...it is a god send.

  VoG™ 00:51 08 Jun 2003

As with most things it is a matter of personal preference. My PC came with GoBack pre-installed and it was removed within days - constant disk thrashing and so on. Others swear by it. System Restore is not perfect but it has only failed me once (and then jazzypop rescued me).

I would suggest that you try GoBack and see how you get on with it.

  Kirrie Kiwi 06:58 08 Jun 2003

I think you will have to choose between the two as one will conflict with the other. Kirrie Kiwi.

I have disabled system restore on my system due to being rubbish. I have systemworks 2003 with goback installed which is far more reliable than system restore. They do conflict on XP so you would have to disable system restore.

  ray27 09:43 08 Jun 2003

Thanks everyone for the advice .
I think I wiil disable Windows Restore and do as jpieter sugests

Many thanks folks


  Dr. Charles 10:46 08 Jun 2003

The Programme called GoBack is made by Roxio? Not Norton, Norton I don`t think have stolen the title.Its worth checking as the roxio progamme is the best



  ray27 12:30 09 Jun 2003

I can confirm that the program Goback is on the Nortons Systemworks 2003 disk

dr charles ,dont panic the programme that ships with systemworks is Roxio GoBack .
personnally i have stuck with the Windows system restore since moving to xp. i've never actually had to use it but im led to believe that the xp s.restore is a vast improvement on previous incarnations,
at the end of the day there is no substitute for regular full system backups (using ghost) and monitoring all installations with cleansweep.

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