GoBack causes constant disk activity

  Tall 14:23 08 Nov 2003

I've installed Roxio's GoBack, version 3.11, which is a substitute for Windows Me's System Restore, and since I've done so, my hard disk is constantly being accessed - the activity light flashes all the time and I can hear the disk activity.

Is this normal?

  Rtus 14:27 08 Nov 2003

pesumable so as its searching for any changes you make..to keep as logged entries for recovery.there should be a control page to enable you to set the frequency of scans..try searching its help files..

  rowdy 14:29 08 Nov 2003

Just a normal function of this program.

If you do not like this constant use of the HDD then you may prefer to take regular images of your OS and backup selected files to give you a less comprehensive restore facility.


  Tall 14:35 08 Nov 2003

Thanks for that. Does this mean that GoBack is more thorough than Microsoft's system restore?

  Rtus 14:59 08 Nov 2003

I prefer to use Drive image ,It doesnt affect the standard use of the computer however its drawback is you have to take an image and can only restore to the latest image youve taken So anything extra (progs/documents)in between your last image point & restoring if fault occurs is lost.Which leads to frequent restore points being made to Cd/spare Hd.

  Jester2K II 18:30 08 Nov 2003

GoBack is much better than SR - a couple of threads on this already.

I find after a few days the hard drive thrashing settles down. Leave the PC on for a few hours dioing nothing but the normal background stuff.

Also make sure you have the latest update too - 3.21.106 is the latest version.

  flecc 20:32 08 Nov 2003

GoBack covers everything on your system including all of your own data, the ME restore only covers a few essentials.

Trouble is that means your computer and hard drive is working twice as hard since everything is being done twice in effect. Sometimes GoBack is unable to complete all it's operations before you shut down, so it notes the essentials and restarts the backing up when you restart. This also helps the impression that the hard dtive is always running.

As rowdy and Rtus say, a passive restore system avoids this problem completely, but you'll have to have a strict system to backup your own files between Drive Images taken for it to match GoBack.

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