goback 4 and missing drive

  soupdragon1 15:03 18 Feb 2005

I've just added an additional 160gig maxtor serail ata drive to my dell dimension 8400 system. I uninstalled go back 4 then re installed after the new drive wos checked to be working ok.
Go back 4 does not recognise that a new drive is there. The drive letter is "f" if that helps?
go back worked fine before hand and no info on symantecs website helps.
Any ideas folks?

  mattyc_92 16:36 18 Feb 2005

Have you installed the "drivers" for your Serail ATA controller???

  exdragon 18:41 18 Feb 2005

Is your new drive a slave one? I had this problem - GoBack won't recognise slaves drives over 40GB. I've got dozens of emails from the support centre, talking about fixing the MBR, using FDISK, uninstalling, reinstalling using custom install and heavens alone what else - didn't understand most of it. I thought I'd be smart and partition my 80GB into 2 partitions, but it won't work on that either. £30 down the drain, I'm afraid. I used to used it when I just had a single drive, but for an 'off the shelf' product, this didn't work for me

Post back if you get it to work, will you?

  TBH1 00:08 19 Feb 2005

I used GoBack in my pre xp days, quite successfully - - and it did recognise discs over 40gb. I had 2 drives; a 40gb primary and 60gb secondary. The only problem I ever had with this software was after installing a new hard drive as primary; until GoBack was installed on this new drive, my system would not recognise my secondary one (GoBack previously running on both).

Of course, I didn't realise that it was GoBack creating this problem until it happened a second time - -had to get some DOS disc utility to run on secondary to 'doctor' the GoBack record on it.

Going off topic a bit I guess - - - I'll get me coat - - -

  exdragon 09:14 19 Feb 2005

Yes - mine was fine with 98se with drives of 20gb and 80gb.

The support line said to do this with the current problem

1. Insert the Windows XP CD, and then boot directly from the CD.

NOTE: In order to boot from the CD, Basic Input Output System (BIOS) settings have to be changed. If you are unsure about making these changes, please contact your computer manufacturer or your system vendor for further assistance.

2. Select R to open the Repair Console.
3. Now enter BOOTDIR /LIST to confirm if your boot directory is correct.
4. Now enter FIXMBR to repair the MBR.
5. When the warning message is displayed, select Y to proceed with the repair.
6. Exit from the Repair Console.
7. Restart your computer from the hard drive.

But it didn't work. To give them their due, support stuck with it until I called a halt!

soupdragon1 - it may be worth contacting them, unless it's the similarities in our names which is a common factor!

  soupdragon1 11:54 19 Feb 2005

Thanks guys. I'll give this mbr fix a try and let you know what happens.
You' think that this fault /problem would be highlighted on the packaging before you bought the product, ripped the wrapper off and then could'nt return it.
Not fit for purpose?
another forum to go into methinks.

  exdragon 14:26 23 Feb 2005

Did it work for you? I must say that I got my money back from PC World after I'd tried it and got confirmation from Symantec about the 40gb bit. I was amazed that there were no problems, just surprise on PCWs part that there was no mention of this on the box.

Then I partitioned my second 80gb hard drive into 2 and, assuming GoBack would work, bought another copy....wrong!

  soupdragon1 15:48 23 Feb 2005

nope, could not get it to work at all. You'd think a company like symantec with all their boffins could come up with a fix for this problem now that drives with more capacity are falling in price daily.
I've used go back before with no problems and it saved my life many times on my windows me system.(much better than the latters system restore).
You can only live in hope
Thanks for all the advice as allways.

  exdragon 15:54 23 Feb 2005

Would it be any help if I emailed you copies of hepldesk's replies to me? You may be able to pick up something

  soupdragon1 17:10 23 Feb 2005

please do. stick them to [email protected]
Much appreciated.

  mattyc_92 18:08 23 Feb 2005

For security reasons, please contact the F.E to remove your e-mail address from this forum... People can e-mail by clicking onto the letter icon next to your username...

I am only explainning this to you, because you don't know who is reading this thread do you.....

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