Go-Back. A peculiar problem...help please.

  Derek 09:30 30 Apr 2003

ME/1.3cpu/525DDR/Norton Works '02/
Backup comes bundled with Norton 2002 and after changing the MB I can't load it. Everything else appears to be working Ok but as soon as I attempt to load Backup, it starts the routine and within a second or two, another box comes up over the top and states that it "Undeleted Successfully".
I then try to load up a PCA disc with Backup on as a 'trial' and the same thing happens.
....something's going backwards !!!

Kind regards DM.

  Derek 09:57 30 Apr 2003

Apart from the Backup problem, I have a reinstal problem with ME.
I thought the problem might be linked with something missing in the operating system so I attempted to reload ME over the top of the existing.
I cleared everything as usual via Ctrl/Alt/Del and switched off all Norton stuff before starting the load but cannot get any further than the end of the emergency disc copy when I'm confronted with a box "Finish" meaning to start downloading the ME files. After the freeze up I have to get out by C/A/D and selecting "SUWIN".

Before all this, I have run CheckcIt and no problems exist. I run Norton Clean Sweep and Disc Doctor and not problems there. And for good luck, I go through a clean up routine with IOLA System Mechanic and that tells me I have no problems.
Someone's telling 'porkies' !!

What am I to do because the thought crossed my mind that I should buy XP and load that but not perhaps if the problem exists in the existing hard or software.

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