Is Go Back causing my start-up problems?

  Guy Fawkes 09:20 18 Jun 2003

Ever since I installed SystemWorks, icluding GoBack,I have problems at start-up 75% of the time.
I tends to lock up at the point when the cd-rw software "Packet Cd" is trying to open.
Any help!

  Andsome 10:21 18 Jun 2003

I have had to uninstall 'Go Back' due to major problems. Other visitors to the forum get no problems with the program. I understand that if you use XP, there can be serious conflicts unless you inactivate 'System Restore', before installing 'Go Back'..

  TBH1 10:47 18 Jun 2003

GoBack for me would be the very last program I would uninstall - - - this has saved me more times than I can remember. Do you have a CD in the writer when it freezes at the Packet CD thingy ??
When I used Adaptec I tended to leave a CDRW in the drive at all times - -but now since switching to Nero, I have had problems so only wop a CD in there when I'm gonna copy data there.
Maybe try disabling SystemWorks - - though must confess I don't know what this piece of software does -- I use Norton System Doctor and used to have fun and games with that but found am OK since I disabled the CrashGuard thingy in it.
This probably no use to you at all - - - I'll get me coat !!!

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