GnuPG Security

  fieldyweb 15:32 26 Jan 2005

Hi, i just bought a Wifi card the other day, and was playing with Ethereal, just seeing what i could see on ur campus network. Now the bright sparks who set it up run no Wep or any other sort of security, its basically turn up sit down and use the internet affair...

Anyway, there was another guy using his PC, and low and behold using ethereal i could not only see who he was sending mails and an MSN conversation he was having, i was also completly able to see what he was surfing....

That got me to thinking, i nee to beef up the security on my PC... if i am going to be using wireless in wide open spaces.. So i have installed GnuPG and WinPT onto my Pc, and added enigmail to thunderbird 1.0 and allwas going well i followed the instructions and got the public key sorted, sent a mail to my hotmail account encrypted, and i could see the gibberish provided each side of the mail..

then i sent a mail to a friend... and all he got was...

Charset: ISO-8859-1
Version: GnuPG v1.2.3-nr1 (Windows XP)
Comment: Using GnuPG with Thunderbird - click here


Now i guess this is because his email system doesn;t know how to decrypt my email..

how the heck does he do this? And does eveyone i dend an email to now need to have the same PGP key? to unlock my mails?

If someone could point me in the right direction of a FAW or advide on how the person at the other end decryts the mail.. I would be most appreciaticce...

I'm not a complete idiot when it comes to PC usage, and i do tend to look at things from WAY outside the box, Encrypting is a whole new ball game.. and one i am VERY interested in

the PC is running WinXP SP2 by the Way.. and the mates email was a corperate email address (bbc)

  vinnyo123 16:13 26 Jan 2005

click here

might help!

  fieldyweb 00:59 27 Jan 2005

It did, and i think i'm running the wrong thing, because obviously to run PGP both parties need to have an encryt decrypt software/key otherwise whats the point of running it?

Now i really don't feel like trying to explain to the old dear how to set this sort of thing up...

I guess the answer is to enable security on the WiFi network...?

  Gandalph 01:14 27 Jan 2005

Just send your PGP Key pair to the ISP server and it will do the rest.

  Salinger 01:20 27 Jan 2005

If you encrypt anything and then send it, the recipient obviously needs the key to DECRYPT it. A bit like the ENIGMA code in WWII.

  fieldyweb 01:25 27 Jan 2005

Thats what locks need, keys... you can't open one without the other...

Which leads me to my next question, the Wifi at this school is not using ANY encryption, and my card supports WEP, CCX and WPA, how can i make my network transactions a little more secure?

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