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Gmail won't "Send" mail messages??

  IanS1 12:29 07 Jun 2018

Hi guys, can anyone tell me what might be wrong with my Gmail … it suddenly will not send mail … if I compose a message and then click “Send” nothing happens (no error messages, but it just sits there without doing anything) … incoming mail works fine. I am using an old 2010 model Macbook which has ElCapitan, though I am running Chrome (just because I am more familiar with the Google style user interface).

Any ideas why it suddenly refuses to “Send” gmail (all else seems fine)??

  difarn 19:28 15 Jun 2018

If you are thinking about buying a new Mac then what do you have to lose by trying to see if you can upgrade it to Safari? You can actually check to see if your Mac will cope with it.

click here reference to your Acer shutting down, have you had a look at the power-save settings? Maybe you should start another thread about this?


  IanS1 10:57 16 Jun 2018

Yep, true (easy enough for me to try upgrading the Mac browser) … re. the Acer, I can probably live with that shutdown problem for now, it only happens on YouTube & typically 30 mins into the film (but that laptop if still under guarantee, so I can monitor it for a bit before deciding to send it back a 3rd time).

OK, my last few post are probably out of place here in the Tech Helproom so I should probably shut up now lol. Thanks again.

  difarn 15:56 16 Jun 2018

You're welcome.

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