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Gmail won't "Send" mail messages??

  IanS1 12:29 07 Jun 2018

Hi guys, can anyone tell me what might be wrong with my Gmail … it suddenly will not send mail … if I compose a message and then click “Send” nothing happens (no error messages, but it just sits there without doing anything) … incoming mail works fine. I am using an old 2010 model Macbook which has ElCapitan, though I am running Chrome (just because I am more familiar with the Google style user interface).

Any ideas why it suddenly refuses to “Send” gmail (all else seems fine)??

  IanS1 09:39 09 Jun 2018

Just re. Claudio30 mentioning a Gmail update (thanks Claudio) – I have not changed anything with Gmail (not since I first started using it 4 years ago), but a few weeks ago I did get a pop-up message from Google saying that a new version of Gmail will soon be released … and if you click on “Settings” in Gmail then I think it offers to let you try the new version of Gmail, but I definitely have not tried to click that and not tried any new version of Gmail …

… incidentally, I have another laptop (Acer Swift-3, running Windows-10), and Gmail still works normally from that, i.e. “Send” works fine on that. So I guess that does make it look as if it's something specific to my Mac that has changed ??

  difarn 13:59 09 Jun 2018

Have a look at the settings on your Acer and mirror those on the machine that you are having problems with.

The message from Google could be as a result of you inserting a password recently.

  IanS1 08:40 12 Jun 2018

OK, embarrassingly, after a fair bit of poking around, I could not find where those port settings are listed on the Acer running Win-10. In other words – I don't know how to check that on the Acer??

  difarn 14:40 12 Jun 2018

Have you tried

Clicking on start button, bottom left, and type in "Mail" in the box. This should bring up the mail app. You should then be able to click on accounts and see your GMail. If you then click on your account with GMail you should get a list of options including settings for this account.

  IanS1 10:03 14 Jun 2018

OK well yesterday I thought I'd discovered the problem, because when I checked my mail the in-box has a banner message at the top saying -

“This version of Safari is no longer supported. Please upgrade to a supported browser”

That looked to me be the likely cause of the problem. And after a quick Google search I found several people reporting the same message, inc. one guy this month who also could not send Gmail, but where he said that “Send” did work if he added an attachment to his mail messages.

However, this morning I made a wider Google search and I find that same message has been reported for several years now (so maybe it's NOT coming from Google's latest re-vamp of Gmail??).

I'm happy to upgrade my version of Safari (which is El Capitan 10.11.6), but I'm worried that I may screw the thing up completely if I do that.

  IanS1 10:37 14 Jun 2018

OK, here's a current thread with posts from this week, reporting the exact same problem (i.e. with older versions of Safari) … this is why I thought (maybe still think) the problem IS that Gmail have very recently changed something -

click here

  difarn 13:41 14 Jun 2018

Have you had a look at the G Mail forum? Some interesting things to try - use plain text mode or GMail basic html version seem to have been successful for some people whilst updating to a newer version of safari has sorted it for others. It does seem to be a glitch in Gmail.

click here

  IanS1 12:57 15 Jun 2018

Hi … thanks for all your help with this, I really do appreciate it. And yes, checking the Gmail forum it looks like a huge number of people suddenly have this exact same problem where Gmail now refuses to “Send” mail on Mac's that are running anything much older than Sierra or High Sierra …

…. for the benefit of others here who may have run into this problem – here's the suggested “fix” from that Gmail forum) -

click here June (2018) This thread is limited to not being able to send messages when using the Safari browser.  If you're not using Safari, or it fails in multiple browsers, the following probably doesn't apply.

1.  Some have reported that clearing cache and cookies will fix it.

2.  For anyone using Safari 9 or older, updating to the current version also seems to fix it.  The current version of Safari is 11, which means Safari 9 is no longer officially supported for Gmail (click here For people who can't/won't update Safari, it's been reported that switching e-mail to the "plain text mode" will allow messages to send.   When composing a new message, open the pop-up menu from the lower/right corner of the compose frame to switch modes.

4.  Some have reported that messages with attachments send OK.  But that isn't a fix or workaround, just an interesting observation.

5.  You can use a different supported browser like Firefox or Chrome.

6.  You can use the Gmail Basic html version:  click here, if you're not using Safari, or the above suggestions don't work, then it's probably not the issue in this thread.

Just as a side-note – this morning I had an email from an eBay seller (i.e. the seller sent me a message via eBay), that appeared as usual in my Gmail in-box, and without thinking about it I typed a reply and hit “Send”, and that sent the message as normal (!?) … so the problem also seems to depend on what sort of system has been used to send/receive mail messages (messages from/via eBay work normally, but if I reply to private emails or if I try to send a test message to myself, that no longer works).

In my case it looks to me as if the only permanent solution is to upgrade to a more recent version of Safari (though I' doubt if my “late 2009” Mac will actually run High Sierra … I expect I'll run into even more problems if I try to install that).

7th 3.  Again

  difarn 17:38 15 Jun 2018

I hope that you can find a workable solution. Did you try Firefox?

  IanS1 19:21 15 Jun 2018

Hi … (a) no I have not tried Firefox … but, (b) yes I think I can find a temporary “work-around” by sending replies as “plain text”(or if that doesn't work, then upgrading to Sierra).

To be honest I'm thinking of buying a newer Mac anyway. Not just because of the current issue with Gmail, but because the Mac I'm using is a 2009 model that my ex wife gave me a year ago when my old Lenovo G500 finally packed up. And as I say, I also have a barely used Acer Swift-3, which seems to work fine with Gmail (it's not fine on other things though – running simple things on YouTube it shuts down the power after about 20 mins!).

Anyway whilst trying various Windows-10 laptops before ending up with the Swift-3 (an 8 week saga of 5 faulty laptops in a row from Amazon UK!), I got used to using the Mac and found I actually prefer it to using Win-10 … so maybe I should just buy a decent Macbook Pro and be done with it (I still think Mac's look seriously overpriced though!).

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