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Gmail warning about strems of emails

  xania 15:37 14 May 2015

As a result of posting an offer to donate some furniture I no longer needed, I received a response and started to reply. During the time I was working on that reply I received another response. I wanted my reply to only go to the first response, as this was his instructions for collection, but, to my horror, the reply went to the second responder (only) and, judging from the email I then got back from that responder, included both initial responses.

Not only do I have to honour an unintentional offer, but the email address of the first responder has been compromised.

This new streaming concept has very important flaws. Clearly, now clicking reply to you still need to check who the email is going to before you send it, and it looks like you also can't be certain quite what you are sending - perhaps its better to start a new email and cat and paste as required to show what you are responding to.

Is this a case of Gmail trying to be cleaver and just being too clever for OUR own good!

I have posted this also on Gmail, so it will be interesting to see if they respond

  Ian in Northampton 16:02 14 May 2015

xania: I'm intrigued. What do you mean by "this new streaming concept"? I'm a heavy user of gmail - have been since it first appeared - but what you're talking about doesn't really make sense to me in terms of the way I use gmail. I've never had a problem such as the one you describe.

  lotvic 20:15 15 May 2015

Wild guess from me: Is it the 'conversations' reply or reply all setting?

  xania 21:41 15 May 2015

I don't believe this! I replied an hour ago, and seem to have lost the lot. Let's try again.

Normally, every time you receive an email, it is shown as a separate item in the inbox. However, recently, if I receive more than one email with the same title I only get one item in the inbox and when I open it, both the emails are there one after the other as a email stream. And, to make matters worse, I can no longer control who gets what. A reply to the first sender goes to both, and each sees the other's input.

I have worked out a workaround which involves creating a new email and pasting the comments from the incoming email to create new streams for each, but that is hardly the point. If two people send me emails, with the same heading, I should be able to treat each individually. This 'new streaming concept' is a nightmare.

  lotvic 22:35 15 May 2015

If it is the conversations thing then try this, I found this info:

Click the black cog icon at the top of the messages list in Gmail and choose "Settings" to disable the conversation view. The relevant option can be toggled on or off using the radio buttons by the Conversation View heading. With the conversation view turned off, messages appear separately in chronological order, with the newest at the top, and your own sent emails are excluded from the inbox. What's more, messages can be assigned separate labels with conversation view disabled.

  xania 23:23 15 May 2015

Lotvic - thanks for your comment. I think you've got it. I can't tell at the moment, but I will now tick this as resolved and wait until the next time I do try to dispose of something

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