Gmail Versus Hotmail.

  julius44 11:56 18 May 2010

Hello and good morning everyone, I have a quick question about gmail and hotmail. Okay i know that hotmail has been around a lot longer then gmail, but hotmail seems to me to have very good features, as I have both hotmail and gmail accounts but I NEVER seem to get ANY spam in my gmail but always loads in my hotmail,.....WHY is this pls??? And also shouldn't microsoft be trying to implement these features in its hotmail???? It def seems that gmail in doing something right!!!!

  julius44 12:19 18 May 2010

okay then, so WHAT is gmail doing right that microsoft is doing so, so wrong then??? As u said Alan14 that loads of !SP are migrating to they must be doing something right. I'm getting loads of spam on a daily basis 2 both my hotmail accounts.....but none to my gmail still

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