Gmail Versus Hotmail.

  julius44 11:56 18 May 2010

Hello and good morning everyone, I have a quick question about gmail and hotmail. Okay i know that hotmail has been around a lot longer then gmail, but hotmail seems to me to have very good features, as I have both hotmail and gmail accounts but I NEVER seem to get ANY spam in my gmail but always loads in my hotmail,.....WHY is this pls??? And also shouldn't microsoft be trying to implement these features in its hotmail???? It def seems that gmail in doing something right!!!!

  mooly 11:59 18 May 2010

I use Yahoo... what's spam ? ;) and also have a gmail account... same goes for that too.

Hotmail seems to have a bit of a reputation (never used it myself) and you often see folk that specifically put "will not reply to anyone with hotmail) so I guess that speaks for itself.

  Woolwell 12:07 18 May 2010

I use Gmail with no problems. My son has had his hotmail account hacked twice. If you look in this forum you will find threads about hotmail being hacked and spam.

  interzone55 12:14 18 May 2010

I think it's a testiment to Gmail's quality & stability that several ISPs, including big ones like Sky & Virgin, are now migrating all users over Gmail's servers.

Google have installed absolutely superb spam filtering and it's a rare day when I get a single spam reacing my inbox, or for that matter a single valid mail reaching the spam box.

I've been using gmail since just after it started in 2004 and wouldn't consider using any other providor, especially as due to the fact I joined within a couple of weeks of the Beta service being launched I'm fortunate enough to have by real name as my email address...

  julius44 12:19 18 May 2010

okay then, so WHAT is gmail doing right that microsoft is doing so, so wrong then??? As u said Alan14 that loads of !SP are migrating to they must be doing something right. I'm getting loads of spam on a daily basis 2 both my hotmail accounts.....but none to my gmail still

  PrefabSprout 13:18 18 May 2010

Agreed with alan14 Google have got the spam handling spot on. My own personal experience with Hotmail is of emails being silently discarded, or genuine email being incorrectly tagged spam, and obvious blatant spam making its way into Inbox.

Hotmail is probably fine for most people especially for social networking & windows live messenger, but if email is critical, Gmail is a much safer better. I've set up Google Applications for many people & some organisations, I've never had any complaints so far.

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