Gmail using a different 'from' heading

  renard 23:26 06 Oct 2013

Sorry if this is in the wrong place but I don't know where else to go for advice.

When I send a message by gmail, the recipient usually sees 'From' followed by my email address. No problem there. But recently the 'From' has been followed instead by one of my user names (eg., if my user name was smith01, the emails would say 'From smith01').

This is already causing suspicion and concern among my friends, who are reluctant to open my messages because they don't recognise the sender.

I suspect (but not sure) that this is something to do with Google+, which I don't want but believe has been somehow foisted on me by Google. I have scoured various Google sites but only getting more baffled.

Please can anyone advise me how to get my emails back to their original format. Also how to get off Google+ if I am on it.

Hope this makes sense. I am not the sharpest tool about these things!

  chub_tor 10:20 08 Oct 2013

The name that people see when you send your mail using Gmail is in Settings. Go to the Gear Wheel icon on the right of your page and click on it, then scroll down and click on Settings, you wil see a number of Headings that start with General, Labels etc. Click on the one that says Accounts and then Send Mail As: You can change this to what ever you like.

  renard 23:33 09 Oct 2013

Very many thanks to the two kind people who have replied.

Due to your sound advice, I have managed to get myself out of Google+ and also change my email heading to what I want.

So thanks again, from a happy technophobe!

This is a great website with great contributors.

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