Gmail Problems

  [DELETED] 10:39 30 Mar 2006

Hi all, I'm using gmail at the moment and until recently, my outlook express fails to retrieve emails from the server. It says the server terminated the connection and I don't know why! I sign in using a web browser and it works fine there.

Also I'm using googles personalised home page, and before it kept me signed in with all my personalised icons etc. but now it wont keep me signed in and I have to load up the personalised homepage everytime I load up a new browser window, I also have to sign in again.

Anyone know what's wrong? Is it to do with google or me? Thanks.

  [DELETED] 12:31 30 Mar 2006

I run my emails with Foxmail, but I also have the Gmail notifier it runs in the background & tells me when I have Gmail. Works OK & its free!!

  [DELETED] 22:50 01 Apr 2006

Hi all, my problem wasn't really resolved. But I can now send and receive mail after I went into options and turned off SSL for the pop port or incoming mail and set the port to gmail's 995. But I'm not sure if I should disable it, does it matter if I do?

  [DELETED] 22:51 01 Apr 2006

btw, before all the problems, outlook express worked fine with SSL and pop port 995.

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