Gmail problem in Outlook 2003 today

  QuizMan 09:59 23 Mar 2011

After months of trouble free access to my gmail account through Outlook 2003, it has suddenly started prompting me for my password to access POP (SMTP is fine). It is saying my user name/password is wrong.

I have double checked the settings and all seem as they should be. I have not made any system changes or downloaded any updates for several days now so I am not sure why I am suddenly having this problem.

My other e-mail accounts that I access through Outlook are OK. This includes Sky, which uses Gmail services. I can access Gmail through the internet, but I would much rather automate it through Outlook

Is anyone else having an issue with this today?

  QuizMan 10:41 23 Mar 2011

Thank you for your speedy response. I get the impression that this happens periodically to other gmail users and eventually sorts itself out. Let's wait and see.

  QuizMan 23:21 23 Mar 2011

I am ticking this as resolved because it seems to have corrected itself this evening. I have no idea why - it was certainly nothing I did; I'll file it under PC mystery #4,934.

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