gmail not displaying full text

  Yimbo 15:17 03 May 2018

When I open some, but not all, of the emails in my Gmail inbox, the text on the right side of each line is not visible - as though I needed to move/shift the message over - but there is nothing at the foot of the screen to let me do this. How can I see the full text?

  WiseReady 15:28 03 May 2018

Can you, please, upload the image? It's hard to imagine what the issue is...

  Yimbo 18:59 03 May 2018

Hi WiseReady - - It's just that when I open the email, each line of text is curtailed at the right hand side - a word or words can't be seen. A sentence begins ..... but continues on the next line, leaving a part hidden. e.g. "Looking forward to seeing you, I'll meet you at the station. Hope that's OK for you.!" The hidden word would be "station". It's there, but the right margin of the email keeps me from seeing it. I hope you get the idea of what I'm describing.

  techblogger911 20:40 03 May 2018

If you are not seeing the text on right side of screen then you must check whether you can see the text on all windows other gmail one. If not, then problem is with your screen or try updating chrome, restart pc type of things.

  Yimbo 09:35 04 May 2018

OK - Thanks folks for your assistance. Much appreciated.

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