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  highside 09:45 14 Mar 2015

Just had an horrendous two days with Gmail problems. I am converting everything to Gmail as I am returning to UK after having a local ISP and their email abroad. All was well until I started receiving constant captchas from google followed by a message from google that an address in USA was attempting to use my password to enter my accounts. So as suggested I changed passwords. Having done that I found that MailWasher and Gmail constantly said that my user name and password were incorrect, I deleted the programs started again with same result. Then I got involved in Googles two factor authentication and everytime I use a different device I have to get a voice call from Google with a code (text method did not work)to use instead of my normal password.

Is there no way to simply change a Google/Gmail password, shall I give up now as I don't want to go through this ridiculous procedure again?

Thanks for help or opinions.

  Batch 13:51 14 Mar 2015

If you just was a straight forward no nonsense free email account that isn't linked to an ISP, I'd suggest GMX rather than Gmail. You can choose or email addresses. Comes without all the multifarious paraphernalia that Gmail comes with. Access as webmail or POP / IMAP via an email client.

I've been using for quite some time now and have absolutely no issues with it.

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