Gmail account in Thunderbird UNWANTED

  cowgirl66 17:15 28 Mar 2008

Hi, I am with Windows Vista and use Sky for my ISP. Today I decided to switch my email from Windows Mail to Thunderbird 2.0. I managed to set it up in IMAP server settings and then when I starteed the Thunderbird program I found that not only my Sky email account was in there but also the Gmail account which Sky uses on the web.

It had all the emails in its inbox and I had to delete them one by one. Now that the account has been cleared of current emails, I also want to delete the Gmail account to just leave my Sky email account as it was in Windows Mail. I realise that I can't import those emails yet but that is not an issue at the present moment.

Any advice from you would help me,

Regards cowgirl66

  cowgirl66 19:48 28 Mar 2008

Hi cocteau, I have followed your advice and also made a few adjustment to settings, such as disable IMAP, and now I am Gmail free in Thunderbird.

Many thanks once again,


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