gmail ?

  jarani 21:39 30 Jan 2010

I want to change to gmail
the only option given seems to be googlemail
yet I believe I have seen gmail
what can I do, if anything please ?

  sunnystaines 21:45 30 Jan 2010

they are both the same other than the name

  jarani 21:53 30 Jan 2010

thank you for the comment
I assumed they were the same
it is the address that bothers me
I would prefer
rather than

  rdave13 21:56 30 Jan 2010

No 'gmail' available. Googlemail or nowt.

  jarani 22:03 30 Jan 2010

rd - thank you - that makes it nowt for me

  jarani 22:16 30 Jan 2010

rd - very interesting ...
I am registered at
just sent myself an email addressed to
and it was delivered ok

  rdave13 22:26 30 Jan 2010

Try it out with unimportant emails you wish to receive. Otherwise the extra 'oogle' in the email addy shouldn't cause too much bother.

  Simsy 22:27 30 Jan 2010

a gmail account just a week ok.



  Sea Urchin 00:08 31 Jan 2010

This might make it clearer

click here

  jarani 00:45 31 Jan 2010

thank you all - sign off

  morddwyd 08:00 31 Jan 2010

Thanks for that.

I wondered what the difference was, although I have Gmail from within the UK.

Now if somebody could please explain why I have while my son has!

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