gloss paper for brochures/flyers (Laser printer)

  Marko797 12:57 19 Apr 2010

Can anyone advise which is the best weight of *gloss double sided* paper for the above purpose, please? 120/160/180 gsm? Naturally it must be easy to fold and handle, and with good print quality.

I just want to produce some colour marketing stuff on my OKI colour laser, as above, and it would appear that 120 gsm might be the best option, from what I've read this morning.

I understand that deskjet/inkjet photo paper might damage the machine, so I do need to get the right type, i.e. for laser printer.

Can anyone offer any advice please? Thnx

  hastelloy 13:41 19 Apr 2010

I would have thought that 120 gsm would be fine. Definitely DON'T use inkjet gloss paper in a laser printer. Gloss paper for laser printers usually comes in larger packs - ie minimum 100 sheets. Personally I'd go for a low gloss or matt paper as some people find the glare from a gloss paper makes it difficult to read.

  Marko797 13:48 19 Apr 2010

thnx for the reply.

  jack 14:38 19 Apr 2010

in a laser printer. there is a risck of fire when the paper passes through the fuser unit.

However there is available 'Laser Gloss'
which appears to be printers machine coated paper as used in magazines.
Rymans do one of their own brand.
Also check out the printers manufacturers advice.

  Marko797 14:43 19 Apr 2010

I think we have established this already re;
do not use inkjet gloss paper.
My query centred on the most appropriate weight, as per the original thread.

  jack 08:34 20 Apr 2010

Is no bad thing

Meanwhile the 'Ryman' Laser Gloss I mentioned is 130 gsm and should be suitable for your purpose.

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