Glitch with IE or Have I lost my email Address

  Ex plorer 15:13 29 Mar 2006

Hi this morning I received a bill from BT
With charges for internet use with BT yahoo £47 56.
The problem is I moved from BT Yahoo 8 months ago and went over to Tiscali.
I setup a DD with BT at that time to pay line rental only.

I have made one DD payment to BT for Line rental 4 months ago, whilst paying Tiscali for out going calls and surfing package. After ringing BT to sort this out which I haven’t been able to as yet I now find I can’t log on to MY Yahoo Page and email address.

All I get is
Your account information could not be found. Thiscould bebecause:
Your account has been deleted.
Your Cookie is invalid.
You changed your password.

My password is not recognized is this coincidence of a glitch of IE or have I lost my email address and favourite page from the telephone call.
I thought I would be able to keep my email regardless once set-up.
I do have one with Tiscali but all my work and files were stored with (


  Ex plorer 16:20 29 Mar 2006

hmmm thats bad.I thought if i was still with BT line rental I would be ok.

  Ex plorer 17:01 29 Mar 2006

Thanks all but I reckon I left it to late.

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