Glary Utilities Pro 2.41 free for 24 hours

  birdface 12:19 25 Jan 2012

Glary Utilities Pro 2.41 free for 24 hours for those that use that type of thing.

  birdface 17:35 25 Jan 2012


  sunnystaines 18:17 25 Jan 2012


whats your opinion of glary, i have not used it since it was first released a few years ago

  birdface 20:32 25 Jan 2012

Yes it's Ok I had it on my other computer but l lost it when I had to reformat.

Can't remember what I replaced it with but have Tune Up utilities on this one.

Can't complain with that price.I think it is supposed to be one of the best,But check with customer reviews for it.

  sunnystaines 13:10 26 Jan 2012

thank you

  Input Overload 13:39 26 Jan 2012

Out of interest I ran Glary this morning to see if it was safe: I had done a full C:\ image last night so any issues were easily solvable.

There were 3 things I thought could be a problem, the first was the registry cleaner, I have used registry cleaners in the past & have come to the conclusion from bitter experience they cause more harm than good. The Glary cleaner found over 2700 entries problems on a windows 7 PC that works perfectly, boots fast & has no issues.

I did clean the entries & found that all Office 2010 customisations were gone, plus the icon distances on the desk were different, there could be other problems too?

The uninstaller shows things which are usually hidden & for good reason, you could really mess things up fiddling in there. The duplicate file scanner is downright dangerous & could cause programs by losing shared .dll files etc.- best left well alone.

The cleaner still has nothing like the support CCleaner gives.

I imaged back afterward & came to the conclusion you are just as well running CClenaer & if you use that program to clean the registry at least turn ActiveX off.

If you have the knowledge to use the Glary modules you don't need it & if you don't have the knowledge its best left alone.

If you are new to PC's you could cause (I think) problems you cannot sort unless you have images of your windows install or a reinstall or repair. Some problems with the registry may not come to light until for some time, you find your control panel does not work properly or similar.

You are far better IMHO enabling GOD mode than using Glary.

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