Giving programs dedicated sound feeds?

  almcd412 02:58 13 Oct 2013


OK, scenario is - I have one laptop that can quite easily handle a game and streaming HD video at the same time. I pipe the video onto my TV screen via split screen desktop via HDMI out and can pull up the game on the laptop screen. The only problem is all the sound is played via the TV.

Can anyone suggest a method I can happily play the HD video and sound through the TV, but at the same time play the game with sound through the laptop?

I've got:

Toshiba Satellite P850-31L

i7-3630 2.4GHz

On board Intel HD Graphics4000

Nvidia GeForce GT640M

As I've got 2 graphics cards could I dedicate one process to each output?

Any help would be appreciated.


  Aitchbee 08:47 13 Oct 2013

A decent pair of USB-powered loudspeakers [connected to your laptop] might do the trick?

Something like this

  BRYNIT 09:19 13 Oct 2013

Although your laptop can extend the screen between two monitors to view two programs it cannot split the sound.

The only way I could think of would be if you had a smart TV and had the video on your HD.

I have a smart TV that will allow me to connect a USB HD directly or can connect to the my computer Via a router and play the films from shared files.

  almcd412 01:47 15 Oct 2013

Thank for the replies guys.

Unfortunately I don't have a smart TV so can't network it (did consider that possibility) and USB speakers just duplicate both outputs again.

I was thinking along the lines of what you can do with a simple exe file by specifying what cores on your CPU it uses. My 3rd gen i7 has 4 physical and 4 virtual cores, some old games don't like virtual processors so I can specify that they only use the physical ones.

I was trying to find a way to run browser video and audio through onboard graphics card and game through the dedicated card with a similar theory as above.

I do have another PC I can stream through but it's a lot of strewn cables and faff...o well!!

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