giving other user permission.....

  herc182 10:01 07 Nov 2004

how can i give another user on my computer intenet access? windows xp home....

  herc182 22:08 07 Nov 2004

sorry that was a rushed post. i did it on my own (didnt take much thinking....sometimes i should think a little more b4 posting). however, something i do need your help on is:

how can i monitor what other users use the internet on my computer for(ie my room mate!)? i dont want him to download stuff (i.e. porn/music/movies). so is there a way of checking he isnt abusing my good nature or imposing restrictions/ download limits?

thank you

  herc182 18:04 08 Nov 2004

anyone have any ideas for my last post?


  Sir Radfordin 18:26 08 Nov 2004

The only way to do it would be to send your internet connection through a proxy server which could then log all sites accessed. You would however need a fairly complex set of rules to prevent any unwanted traffic going out.

Some routers have the option to put in content filtering or create rules when users can use the internet though these are very basic.

  herc182 21:09 08 Nov 2004

thank you for your reply. how about this click here .
seems like what i am looking for but wondering if anyone has used something similar....

thanks again

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