Giving JPeg pics names

  GORAL 19:08 17 May 2004

Hi - hope someone can help. Am running Win XP Home on a reasonably up to date PC. Have accumulated 'loads' of JPeg picture images. What I would like to know is, is there a simple and/or easy way to place an identifiable 'title' on the images to aid recovery and identification. The camera I have is a Fuji FinePix A210 although my daughter in the US sends me loads of pics from there also.

  Shas 19:17 17 May 2004

Maybe it's different in XP but in 98SE I just right-click the image, then rename to whatever I want or will easily recognise, (keeping the .jpg extension of course). To save further trawling through loads of pictures, I also then save related ones in their own folders, i.e. a particular Christmas, holiday, kids etc.

  GaT7 19:31 17 May 2004

As Shas suggests there won't be a problem with just right-clicking & renaming to whatever to want. You don't have to manually enter an extension (.jpg or other) as the file will automatically retain it's original format. You can also put a number before the name so you have them displaying in the correct order that you need them to, within the folder (as against having them displaying in alphabetical/random order or according to date/size). Organising them into subfolders/topics is a great idea too. HTH, G

  Pesala 20:12 17 May 2004

JPG images allow you to enter IPTC information. click here

IPTC information allows you add details about the image that is saved with the file, and can be viewed by suitable software. I have added a couple of fields to the information for this JPG image. I pasted the dialogue box as part of the original image:
click here

You can also easily paste text onto the image itself using Irfan View. Drag a selection where you want the caption or create a custom selection to be precise. Press Control T. Type the text, choose the justification, font, size, and colour, and choose from transparent or coloured background. I have pasted a text label on the border of my test image above.

  wee eddie 20:44 17 May 2004

When you download the pics.

Create a New Folder within "My Pictures" or wherever you are storing them.

Then name that folder with the date in reverse.

e.g. todays date would then be: 04.05.17

This will at least give you some historical perspective and at a later date you can consider naming them at your leisure.

  GORAL 20:48 17 May 2004

- to all who responded. Very grateful to you all.

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