Give me back my Jpg` swine.

  Karma_Train 12:37 22 Jan 2003
  Karma_Train 12:37 22 Jan 2003

Hello oh wise ones,
Can`t imagine why, maybe due to overuse of Win Optimiser or the like but this morning I discovered all my saved photos had lost their cute little jpg motif and had replaced them with that nasty little one with the windows symbol on, you know the one that brings up the 'open with' gubbins. Like the idiot I truly am, I tried opening one with Kodak Imaging, predictably all my precious photos now have the Kodak icon beside them and although I can view them I need to turn them back to their former state in order to save/send etc.
I really don`t need this today, I`ve got a filthy hangover, blah, blah,
Any ideas please I am as ever in your hands.
OS win98se. thanx.

  jazzypop 12:41 22 Jan 2003

The simplest way is to uninstall the graphics program that you want to associate them with, e.g. Paintshop Pro, then reinstall it. This should restore the 'lost' association.

  spikeychris 12:49 22 Jan 2003

Even easier is to open windows explorer and click on tools, folder options, file types. Then highlight JPG and click change, Choose the App you want to associate it with.


  Lead 12:49 22 Jan 2003

Been a while since I use W98, but...

If you want to open them with a particular application, all the time, then choose 'open with', select the application you want, and click the 'open with this one all the time' option (or whatever it is called) ;)

If you want to change the icon, then you look for folder options, file types/associations, change icon.

Sorry it's a bit vague, I don't have a hangover, but I am working nights.

  Patr100 12:55 22 Jan 2003

In 98 you need to hold down the shift key when right clicking the mouse for the full context menu otherwise you won't get the "open with" option appearing.

  Karma_Train 13:02 22 Jan 2003

Now my head really hurts,
'uninstall the graphics program that you want to associate them with???'
I`m really sorry but that`s the kind of sentence I could probably spend the rest of my life reading and still never understand, I`ve tried saying it out loud and everything...... :o).
My jpg`s were just jpg`s as far as I`m aware (which isn`t very),they weren`t associated with anything other that perhaps windows,in fact photo`s that I`ve taken off the net still have their original jpg icon all the others though are now associated with Kodak Imaging, if anything I want to remove the Kodak link and restore the bog standard jpg association.
Even jpg`s saved to my doc`s out of Photo Deluxe pick up the Kodak link.
Thanx for your time Jazzy, hope further info help`s me find a solution.

  Karma_Train 13:17 22 Jan 2003

My problem in a nutshell is I want to remove all associations and just view jpg`s as jpg` associate them with themselves.....God some day`s I really should stay in bed.

  leo49 13:18 22 Jan 2003

This might work to get back to where you were:

Open Windows Explorer,click Tools\Folder Options\File Types and highlight the rogues and click Restore[Defaults].


  Stuartli 13:22 22 Jan 2003

Or rename each of the files...

  spikeychris 13:38 22 Jan 2003

A bit more to jog you awake

The option I gave you lists the file name extensions and associated file types that are currently registered with Windows 98. When a file type is registered, information including what program should be used to open files of that type is also registered.
Extensions are the characters, usually three or four letters such as .doc, .txt, or .html, that follow the period at the end of a file name. Extensions are associated with a particular type of file. The file type identifies the program, such as Word, that is used to open the file.

When you click one of the types in the list, a summary of what program is used to open the file and what file name extension the type has is displayed under Details.

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