Give Me Advice on my site

  declanj 18:21 08 Mar 2005

Please check out my site and tell how to improve. By the way it's a basic sketch im getting a real domain soon

The Original Napster

click here

  devil boi 21:25 09 Mar 2005

i think its a cool site!!
spelling errors are being corrected
and we are amateur we not hi-tech like you brainy people!!

  Limariami 22:14 09 Mar 2005

I am not sure what youre plannigto do next but currently it is not much more than a cyber business card.

having said this , I really love the design -It's not too 'in your face' and the pages are not too busy. did you design it yourselves or get professinal help?

good luck with the rest...

  Talented Monkey 00:22 10 Mar 2005

Seeing as this a free template you have used i cant see you changing much look wise, unless you know how to hand edit the code they provide. to be honest its a naff template, but hey what you expect its free.

only thing ill pick up on about template is the light blue on dark blue navigation. not at all clear.

What is the Guestbook about? a Guestbook is a Guestbook not a question and awnser session or wannabe forum.

COunter ARGHHHHhhh nooooo get rid of counters.. they are so... 90's

Its not going to amount to much unless you have proper structured content which it lacks at moment.

  PurplePenny 21:13 10 Mar 2005

No, not beaten by ColdFusion: I saw the text in your first post as & copy omputer not the copyright sign - I'm reading the PCA site via Firefox :-)

declanj and devil boi - being an amateur shouldn't be an excuse for sloppy workmanship, you really do need to get someone else to read it through and correct all the mistakes. And the counter really is naff.

  PurplePenny 22:26 10 Mar 2005

Hmm .. succeeded I think, not because it displayed the message as you wrote it but because it recognised that what was offered wasn't a valid character.

(quick test... © )

  PurplePenny 22:30 10 Mar 2005

Well it recognised and displayed that OK so methinks it was indeed being pedantic about the validity of the code offered. So if I put the ; in it should display the copyright sign as the first letter of computer - ©omputer

  Forum Editor 23:28 10 Mar 2005

before your site will have any real value. The content is minimal, and there are many punctuation and grammatical errors.

Your guestbook will never work properly unless you have threaded topics - it will become so confusing as to be useless.

The scrolling marquee is irritating, and hit counters mark a site as "amateur". You should remember that hit counters simply record page impressions, so if I click backwards and forwards from your homepage to other pages the counter will record a hit each time - the count is therefore pretty meaningless.

  pj123 15:57 12 Mar 2005

FE, although I agree with you that hit counters mark a site as "amateur", I am not so sure on your next statement "You should remember that hit counters simply record page impressions, so if I click backwards and forwards from your homepage to other pages the counter will record a hit each time". I maintain a site for a friend who insists on having a "hit counter" and I have just done what you say. I have clicked backwards and forwards from the home page to other pages and the hit counter remains the same. At the moment it is registering 11797. If I click on each page and then go back to the Home Page after each view it still registers 11797. The only time the counter changes is if I log out of the site and then log back in again. So, are there different type of hit counters?

  CutNpaste 23:40 12 Mar 2005

FE meant to say refresh button, but i knew what he was saying.
N E way i checked out your site, design is alright but the colour hierachy is a bit of a bugger, because reading your texts, as i move my eye along i can see ghost texts, which can be very straning to the eyes.

If you are to make the site work properly, then your going to have to do alot of work on it. One obvious one is the contents.

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