GIMP Printing on Vista

  Ronnie268 15:45 26 Apr 2008

I have a new vista machine with SP1 on, with GIMP Image Editor running, but I can't print from it. How do I do this?

  Diodorus Siculus 15:57 26 Apr 2008

Can you print from other applications?

What about other image editing applications?

  Diodorus Siculus 15:58 26 Apr 2008

Do you get any error messages? What happens when you try to print?

  Ronnie268 17:00 26 Apr 2008

Everyting else prints. But GIMP, just shows a blank screen on print preview and then prints a blank page. No error messages. Other Image editors work

  Ronnie268 17:01 26 Apr 2008

It may be a problem with gimp for vista s same version works on my XP PC. Is there a printing plugin?

  mrwoowoo 17:07 26 Apr 2008

Sometimes due to slight incompatibility, vista thinks it has stopped responding while its looking for fonts,as it takes a long time.
Let it run and be patient. Its worth the wait.

  Ronnie268 17:09 26 Apr 2008

what? I can run GIMP but not print from it

  mrwoowoo 20:05 26 Apr 2008

Ok steady on.
Have you tried running it in compatability mode for xp? May run better like that.

  Ronnie268 21:27 27 Apr 2008

OK. Point taken. I was a bit rude, sorry. Compatibility mode was better, but print was nothing like original still

  mrwoowoo 22:16 27 Apr 2008

Unless you have version 2.4 you need 'GTK+ 2 Run Time Enviroment' for it to run correctly on vista.
Obviously 2.4 has it pre installed.
There is a link to this but it's xp?,although it may still work.
Easier to install the latest version (2.4) if you haven't already.

  Ronnie268 17:05 28 Apr 2008

Got 2.4 plus GTK+ 2 RTE already. Everything else works, just not printing

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