Gigabytes, megabytes and capped usage limits

  Jackcoms 11:58 27 Apr 2005

My ISP, Tiscali, are offering a 2mb BB service with a 15Gb monthly usage cap.

In their members area it's possible to view your upload/download figures for about a 45 day/6 week period.

Between 14 Feb and 31 March (45 days) my upload was 269.78mb and download 1,783.32mb. So the total of that was 2,053.10mb. Divide that by 45 and I've averaged 45.62mb per day. Multiply that by 31 and I've averaged 1,414.36mb per month. Divide 1,414.36 by 1,024 and that gives 1.38Gb per month.

Is that correct? Do usage caps take into account upload AND download figures?

  SEASHANTY 12:04 27 Apr 2005

I believe that they do but you would be well within the limits on the figures you provided.

  rawprawn 12:23 27 Apr 2005

click here see if this is any help, I think there are others, Google "Broadband usage meter"

  rawprawn 12:25 27 Apr 2005
  Stuartli 12:53 27 Apr 2005

Your link only seems to provide a Mac version - do you know of similar for Windows please? I only seem able to find bandwidth monitors...:-(

  rawprawn 13:20 27 Apr 2005

click here I have just downloaded this one, It seems to give all the information needed although I haven't had time to evaluate it.Sorry about the one for Mac.

  rawprawn 13:23 27 Apr 2005

click here I will try again I can't seem to get this link to work.

  rawprawn 13:28 27 Apr 2005

For some reason I don't understand the link is not working, However if yo type this into your address box and enter it works. I have put it in upper case so the site wont convert it.

click here

  rawprawn 13:30 27 Apr 2005

Just right click the link / properties copy the link and paste it into the address box.I give in :D

  Stuartli 13:33 27 Apr 2005

Thanks for that but this also seems to be just a bandwidth monitor - it's a broadband usage monitor I'm after....:-)

Already downloaded thinking it was what I required (I think the Guinness dulled what's left of the brain cells).

  Rigga 13:45 27 Apr 2005

Stuartli, if you are after totals on your usage? rather than 200kbps

Try > click here <

Tautology Bandwidth Meter

It gives totals for usage on incoming, and outgoing traffic, and a full total as well, by day, month, and overall.


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