Gigabyte motherboards - which one?

  s99Raj 22:07 08 Oct 2003

I'm looking at the following Gigabyte motherboards :

GA-7VAXP Ultra
GA-7VAXP-A Ultra

Originally was only looking at the first one of these because I didn't know the others existed.
Does anyone have experiencs of any of these motherboards; I know the first one is very good, and so I assume the others are too. I can't find any prices anywhere - does anyone know of a good place in the UK to buy Gigabyte motherboards? Local shops to me (Bournemouth) don't seem to stock Gigabyte.

  mark500 22:10 08 Oct 2003

click here

EZ computers ,Winton ,Bournemouth. I live in christchurch by the way.

  hugh-265156 22:12 08 Oct 2003

type "GA-7VAXP review" into google or any search engine and read some reviews.should find loads.

  s99Raj 22:16 08 Oct 2003

Thanks - I'll try Ezcomputers and Google for some reviews. It's not always easy to see what extras the extra price for "ultra" will bring.

  temp003 11:16 09 Oct 2003

The original 7VAXP uses the VIA KT400 chipset. Although the chipset was originally designed to support DDR400, it didn't work very well, and so VIA decided that the chipset would only support (officially) up to DDR333 (although you might still be able to use DDR400 - but no guarantee).

Then VIA made an improved version of the chipset called KT400A.

The suffix "A" to the motherboard models here stands for KT400A, with official support for DDR400.

The "Ultra" models give you 2 serial ATA connections, in addition to the 4 P-ATA 133 connections.

So you should get the A series. And A-ultra if you want serial ATA as well. Otherwise everything else is the same.

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