Gigabyte Motherboard HELP Required

  23790954 21:50 20 Apr 2010

Hello to all you good forum members again.
Due to the trouble I was having with my MSI Socket AM2+ motherboard, I decided to buy a GIGABYTE GA-MA770-UD3 AM2+ to replace it. I took delivery of this motherboard about 2 weeks ago. I installed in it a Socket AM2+ 5000 processor, and installed 2 x 2 gig of Crucial Ballistix 6400 - 800 memory in Dimm 1 & 2, leaving DIMM 3 & 4 empty. At this the system ran normally and appeared to be working well, although I thought rather slow, for Windows 7.
To try and improve its performance, I purchased 2 more strips of identical memory, 2 x 2 gig, and installed them in DIMMS 3 & 4.
This I found stopped the system from booting up, at least there was NO communication between the computer and the monitor, although the system appeared to be running, with NO DATA being transferred to the monitor.
To try and resolve this, I removed the 2 new strips of memory from DIMMS 3 & 4, but the system will still NOT communicate with the monitor.
I then cleared the C MOS via jumper but it still not function correctly.
Any advise or suggestions as to what may be at fault would very much be appreciated.
Thanks to all you good forum members who reply.

  User-312386 22:35 20 Apr 2010

Does the monitor actually say on the screen no input? Is the fuse blown on the monitor? Do you get any post beeps?

  Jameslayer 00:05 21 Apr 2010

I would try a second monitor and check you havnt pulled or knocked something loose in the case.

  Jameslayer 00:05 21 Apr 2010

I would try a second monitor and check you havnt pulled or knocked something loose in the case.

  23790954 12:07 21 Apr 2010

Thanks for your input, but the monitor is fully functional with other systems, as was the PCI Express graphics card when tested.
The only other thing I can think of is a faulty Power Pack, as I was using the same power pack for both motherboards which have proved faulty.
I know very little of power packs P.S.U.'s so if this is possible fault, I would welcome advice.

  fishmad pete 12:46 21 Apr 2010

Is the screen completely blank even when the computer is starting up (do you get the bios showing).
Do you get any error codes from the internal loudspeaker fitted to the motherboard?
I had a PC that failed to communicate with the montior, removing the PCIe graphics card and re-fitting it solved the problem. However I did get error codes to indicate the problem.
When you added the RAMs did you disconnect the power lead to the power supply? if you didn't it could mean that you may have damaged the power supply.

  23790954 12:58 21 Apr 2010

Thanks for your input fishmad pete.
The circumstances are that I installed Windows 7
64 bit onto my system, which was running smoothly, but I thought rather slow. As 64 bit operating systems do use a lot more memory, but become more responsive than 32 bit systems, I decided to increase the memory in my system. I then increased the memory from 2 gig Crucial Ballistix 6400 - 800 in DIMMS 1 & 2, by adding a further 2 gig of the same memory into DIMMS 3 & 4.
Making 8 gig in all.
The system worked fluently BEFORE I increased the memory, but when the memory WAS increased, NO DATA AT ALL was shown on monitor. Monitor just showed the same as if ONLY monitor was switched on. Power light OF MONITOR etc. only flashing on monitor, nothing else.
I then removed the extra memory I had fitted and reverted back to only 2 gig in DIMM 1 & 2, which the system HAD worked with previously, but again Nothing was shown on monitor. AND I have to be honest, although system WAS switched off at mains, I DID NOT take out the power lead.
Thanks for your input fishmad pete.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:03 21 Apr 2010

You may have disturbed the graphics card while fitting the memory.

I suggest you remove and refit the graphics card (to remake the connections) and then retry.

  fishmad pete 16:38 21 Apr 2010

Switching off at the mains should be ok. Like fruit bat /\0/\ said remove graphics card and re-insert it. Check that you haven't removed any extra power cables to the graphics card. Do you get any POST beeps from the internal speaker (if fitted)

  23790954 18:04 21 Apr 2010

No bleeps or sounds from system when switched on, although it does operate, and lights on system light up. Have ordered a new power support unit, being delivered tomorrow, so I will try graphics and new power unit, when it arrives.
Many thanks for all your help in the meantime.

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