Gigabyte Motherboard errors ( CMOS and BIOS )

  SunyBR 03:49 25 Sep 2016

Hellow, so today i orderd my first gaming pc! i was really happy until i tried messing with it, so i started messing with it because i was having problems opening up BIOS. everytime i restarted my computer ( i held shift while restarting also ) i spammed, i held onto all the keys imaginable while my computer was restarting to try to open up the bios ( it kinda worked it showed up the big pointer arrow that BIOS has but after that it turned pitch black. so after that i started looking for tutorials on what i could do to make it work, so i found a "brilliant" tutorial, remove de CMOS he said, after i removed the cmos when i turn on my computer it apears the gigabyte logo and pitch black it goes, nothing happens.

i dont have pendrive or a cd reader i can use, i can probably get a pendrive easily,

what can i do to get this to work? i need help i have been the past 9 HOURS working on this looking at a black screen cannot help but shed some tears.

specs: processor intel i5-4440 motherboard GIGABYTE GA-B85M-D3PH, CHIPSET B85 gpu gigabyte gtx 950 2x 4gb ram kingston HyperX

what do i have to do? i didnt not understand what i did, and i found no explanation for what happend either besides that i cleared the CMOS, i thought my BIOS was locked and i had to clear the CMOS to be able to access the BIOS again.

i have the graphics card and the mother board's cd's with me, if i have to use them can i it be done with a pendrive?

any help would be insanely appreciated in my moments of helplessness

  SunyBR 14:40 25 Sep 2016

unfortunately i have tried already leaving it unplugged i did not get the luck that he got...

but thanks for trying to help!

  SunyBR 00:54 26 Sep 2016

bumping this post since i am still struggling with this problem!

  HondaMan 09:36 26 Sep 2016

Access to the BIOS is, I think, usually the key, or possibly . But if it's a new PC, why do you want to "fiddle" with it and open up the BIOS?

  SunyBR 16:13 26 Sep 2016

i need the BIOS to be able to enable onboard graphics to be able to plugin my montitor, since my computer came with the video output on the gpu, the problem is that my gpu doesnt have a vga output and my monitor is only vga, i couldv bought a converter but i only thought about that later on after i already removed the cmos. and the converter was pretty expensive also where i live.

  Deon3366 21:30 26 Sep 2016

Here is a page regarding your motherboard, follow the steps as it looks like this may be an issue with that model. click here

  SunyBR 22:42 26 Sep 2016

by an issue with that model you mean? because it's working fine the issue just came about after i reset the cmos.

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